I vini

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Choosing the name of the wine, an important moment that involves

If the wine at all times has catalyzed around her many interests to be considered a source of inspiration for writers and philosophers, for us producers, be aware that living matter as a newborn baby requires a number of attention, becomes consuetutine commitment and the search for an appropriate name, not just any, but chosen to provide the consumer with a set of properties that smells and tastes that characterize different and special.

That's why

1) Al Cagnulari “GALAVERA” was given the same name of the winery, a omonomia intended to signify the goal of producing according to the intentions of doing good and serving.

2) The Vermentino bears the name of “Promises” Which is not to say “promise” but is to indicate a wine suitable for the mass (in lingua sarda “pro missa”), Sunday ritual in use in Christendom during which it is contemplated, by officiant, intake of wine.

3) The Cannonau is named “MESSADORE”. A tribute to a profession, that of the reaper, of fundamental and vital importance to the ancient agricultural society of our ancestors who used to Sardinia, to harvest grain, "Messadorza sa", instrument similar to sickle.

4) The 28 August 2012 was bottled a second cagnulari giving the new baby's name “BEAST” (flame in italiano), enjoying a very high satisfaction among the fans who have attributed significant advantages that, even if different, are to be considered not inferior to those of the first born cagnulari GALAVERA.