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GALAVERA is one of many words sardines in disuse,almost forgotten, as in everyday speech today of us Sardinians will be replaced by other drawn from the Italian vocabulary.

We like to remember, tell and repeat this word one of the most important moments of the business activities of our fathers who were in the cultivation of grain just reward, gratification of hard work began with the planting and that ended with the harvest.

At the end of all the jobs well done and was succeeded great satisfaction farmer looking at the bare and flat terrain was leaked their own happiness, satisfaction and agreement with the ritual as meaningful sentence: “My paret one GALAVERA”.

On the trail and in an attempt to emulate our wise ancestors, members of the winery have thought to adopt the word "GALAVERA" electing a flag because accompany us on our path to be able to recite the end of each harvest.

Some examples of discourse in the Sardinian language

1) This one galavera Manna Cando s'amministradore sa common Benito ti su chi Narre materiale informativu in sardu Prus che liked to cussu in italianu.
2) In cussa Domo b'haiat galavera manna / in that house there was a big riot.
3) thanks to a sas on pro pitzinnas dillìriu and who knows galavera nos ant donadu.
4) essida sa sung Mass, Zenti you know fut retirada to faghere is a beautiful mandigada in galavera and Cumpagnia. ….



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