L 'origin of the culture of the vine is lost in the mists of time. Our ancestors believed the precious nectar obtained from the fermentation of the grape, was a mysterious gift from the gods. Even today the wine is the subject of rigorous and definitive studies recognizing the ability of Sorting on the metabolism of the human body effects surprisingly positive if not indispensable to proper nutrition.

Nothing miraculous but still healthy in menopausal women to which we recommend regular consumption as measured. Likewise, in men, it helps to prevent the onset of stroke that, statistics in hand, seems to be more prevalent among abstainers.

This is not to convince this or try to proselytize but to recognize that it is not causal if its widespread use has been the subject of studies by eminent scientists such as Louis Pasteur who awarded the distinction of being the wine “the healthiest drink on the planet”.

The wine is then always enjoyed special esteem in the category of artists: poets, Philosophy, writers, painters, just listen etc. Each of which, inspired or attracted by the complexity of a mysterious essence yes, have created hundreds of aphorisms and sayings of undoubted beauty of expression and wise truth.

Here are a few among the many who in my opinion better interpret and describe the deep connection between man and nature that surrounds it.

The basis of the project of "Cantine Galavera" of the City of Usini, is the search for QUALITY '. A delicate task of primary importance to be paid with the utmost professionalism not to disappoint the expectations of each of the right to health.

Multiple factors required that contribute to excellence:

1) Today we know that the vine prefers, in order to produce wine grapes, a ground rather than another. Indispensable are therefore favorable climatic conditions and a territory preserved from pollution which Sardinia. Usini, Thanks to an ideal habitat, allows intense cultivation of the screw and in particular grape Cagnulari. Recent scientific studies have recognized to be the skins of this variety of unsurpassed energy storage solar.

The resulting wine is distinguished and it is appreciated for the richness of its perfumes and flavor full and rich in phenolic components such as resveratrol credited with an 'important antioxidant.. His persistence gustolfattiva emphasizes the uniqueness of the vine and highlights the traits of a wild variety difficult to tame. The intense ruby ​​red color is enhanced by natural light in a play of lives and purple hues that make the wine Cagnulari an ideal and suitable for any occasion.

2) In spring nature awakens and generates new life and new grape. The task of the winemaker is to interact with the environment and its close relationship with the land, engage in shaping the form of plants following the logic that lead to a balance between the plant and its Environment. Rain, sun and wind, are the essential ingredients.

Pruning, Contact, flowering, fruit, invaiatura, maturation, selection and collection require a series of interventions, seemingly simple involving talent and attitude of the winegrower, who with his mastery ensures the achievement of the desired results, aimed at obtaining an exceptional raw material.

3) In the old history of agriculture, wine production plays a major role. With the second industrial revolution opens a new era that promotes lifestyles unthinkable result of an unstoppable progress and getting faster. Louis Pasteur, meritorious scientist, developing effective systems and quotes, useful to the management of those metabolisms that lead to microbiological stability of the wine, paves the way for a new figure, l’’enologo. Today more than yesterday, the presence of a winemaker, of a skilled winemaker, in a wine cellar, becomes an obligatory path, indispensable for groped to keep a check on the numerous variables that need special attention during the ripening, processing and refinement of the wine.

4) Canteen Galavera Srl, conscious of these and burdensome obligations intends to work, respecting the health of the consumer, to the achievement of the objectives of excellence and engage with the work, passion and professionalism, in doing business for the benefit and for the development of the community.


Life is too short to drink bad wine.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749 – 1832)

Happiness, like a fine wine, should be savored sip by sip.

Ludwig Feuerbach (1804-1872)

Great is the lucky one who possesses a good bottle, a good book, a good friend.

Molière (1622 – 1673)

The wine is drunk only, you smell, si osserva, si gusta, sip and talk about it ....

Edoardo VII (1841 – 1910)

L’astemio: a weakness that yields to the temptation of denying a pleasure.

Ambrose Bierce (1842

A meal without wine is like a day without sunshine.

Anthelme Brillat-Savarin (1755 – 1826)

To know the vintage and quality of a wine you do not need to drink the whole barrel.

Oscar Wilde (1854 – 1900)

I vini, are like friends. You have to taste it to find that many good.


It is wise when you drink well; those who can not drink does not know anything.

Nicolas Boileau