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  • cannonau - zona pirapeglias - maggio
  • cannonau - zona pirapeglias - maggio
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  • cannonau - zona pirapeglias - luglio
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  • vermentino - zona pirapeglias - giugno
  • nuovo impianto cagnulari - giugno
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  • cagnulari - zona sanarulas - giugno
  • cagnulari - zona sanarulas - luglio
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  • cagnulari - zona sanarulas - settembre
  • cagnulari - zona sanarulas - settembre
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The territory of Usini covers 30 square kilometers, in a succession of plains and small hills kissed by the sun and the wind that blows and strokes in a useful lives of the plants, keeping them in perfect condition of health against parasitic diseases.

The vineyards of the winery Galavera have settled in the most prestigious area of ​​Usini where the grapes Vermentino, cagnulari and cannonau land and are ideal environments for a complete maturation that give a product of high quality.

In the terroir, the cellar Galavera presents his three classic wines, and unmistakable prestige that meet the most demanding expectations, and that markets around the world have come to appreciate.

The quality is the only and fundamental objective that the winery GALAVERA SRL intends to pursue in continuation of a process undertaken by President Antonio Merella. To achieve this purpose many grapes is removed from the strain in order to promote the full maturation of the remaining waves acquire the security of capturing the maximum amount of organoleptic components that manifest themselves in taste, scent and color.

The Vermentino comes all the grapes produced from grapes of Pirapeglias implanted 20 years ago, on an area of ​​six hectares. This vine also produces a cannonau unique characteristics such as rare, determined by the location from which the wine cannonau a taste and smell is hard to find. Always from the same vine you get a great cagnulari, with an intensity that only knows how to give a land fell under the province supported by the great attention, experience, commitment of Antonio Merella and the wise direction of oenologist Dr.. Dino Dini, the strength of its knowledge and studies, went the extra mile to drive lovingly and meticulously follow all the stages of transformation of the must into wine.
The work winemaker, of a skilled winemaker, is not unlike that of a Pediatrician in which a mother entrusts her child because it follows the delicate phase of growth.
In both cases, it is a great act of love.